If you are single and live in New Jersey, you'd probably like to know if you live in the right state, or at least one of the right states for singles.

WalletHub used 29 different metrics in their research including categories like dating opportunities, dating economics and romance and fun and used the data to rank each state in the nation.

So, what are their conclusions for the Garden State? Some good news...New Jersey ranks  the 12th best state in the nation for singles. That's not perfect, but it does mean, we're in the top 25% in a survey that it's good to be near the top of.

Here are some of the metrics rankings that helped us achieve top 12 status...

Dating Opportunities...New Jersey is ranked 9th

Romance and Fun...we're also in the top 10 here (9th)

Highest Median Annual Household Income...We're 4th in the nation.

Lowest Crime Rate. New Jersey is 4th best

So, if you are single, you have chosen the right state to be in, at least for 2020. The best state for singles in the nation, according to the study is Florida and the worst is West Virginia.

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