If you're single and you're interested in dating, New Jersey is a pretty good place to be, according to a recent study.

When it comes to fun and romance and dating opportunities and dating economics, Wallet Hub says New Jersey is a good place to live, ranking the state in the top third of the nation for singles.

When they looked at categories like 'dating opportunities', they found the Garden State to be the 8th best state in the U.S.A. New Jersey also ranked pretty strongly in 'romance and fun (12th)

The one category in this research that our state did not do well in was 'dating econimics". Has the Garden State ever done well in an economics category? Well, we didn't in this one either (# 33).

As far as 'mobile dating opportunities', New Jersey did extremely well, ranking 5th in the nation, behind only Massachusetts, Colorado, Maryland and Utah.

So if you're single and you're living in New Jersey, you picked a good state. For the record, the top state for singles in the nation, according to the study, is California, followed by Florida and New York.

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