If you are single in New Jersey and looking for love, New Jersey is not nearly the worst place to be, but it's also not the best place to be either.

According to some research done by WalletHub, New Jersey is exactly the eighteenth best state to be in if you are single and looking for love.The study focused on 28 factors to determine the 'dating friendliness".

If you're looking for some good Garden State news in this one, we did rank 8th in the nation for 'dating opportunities', and we're number 4 for 'highest median annual household income', which was another of the factors.

New Jersey only ranked 23rd when it comes to 'romance and fun'. Come on, we're more fun than that, aren't we? Not according to this research, and we're in the middle of the pack when it comes to romance, too.

Even worse news for New Jersey singles, we rank 40th in 'dating economics'. Well, we never do well with anything that involves economics, and this research is apparently no different.

So, are there neighboring state that are better for singles? Yes there are. New York ranks 4th, and even Pennsylvania blows us away on this one, ranking 5th overall (and Pa. was ranked 4th for romance and fun).

So, when it comes to dating, New Jersey is fine. We're in the top 40% of the country. That doesn't sound too impressive, but at least we're feel better than 38 other states.By the way, the top state in the research was Florida.

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