When it comes to romance, there is not one better state than New Jersey. There are actually 18 better states.

While our hearts fill with love in the Garden State on this Valentine's Day, we should all be aware that we are not living in a place that is considered romantic, at least according to the Pettitts Travel website.

It turns out that when you crunch the numbers about love and romance (things like marriage rate, divorce rate, romantic communications and overall happiness) other states pass us on the way to the top like cars in the express lanes on the Parkway.

We rank 19th overall, easily beaten by New York which came in 12th, Connecticut (9) and Florida (2). The most romantic state according to the survey is Nevada with Hawaii placing second.

I would add this. In my opinion, romance is who you're with, not where you are. And let's remember, if we're ranked 19th, that means 31 states are even less romantic than we are. Here's to not being among the worst. We'll take our small victories.

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