A new survey says that spending on Valentine's Day is way up, but the number of people celebrating the day is down.

The new study, reported at News 12 New Jersey says that not only is Valentine's Day spending up, but it's actually approaching record numbers, with the average person dropping just over $160, which is up 13 from last year.

If you do the math on that, that adds up to Valentine's sales of over $20 billion nationwide. And the individual spending number breaks the all time record of about $147 set back in 2016.

But the Valentine's numbers aren't all good. According to the study, only 51% of people say they are even celebrating the holiday this year. The top three reasons? Responders not celebrating say that it's too commercialized, they're just 'over it' or they have no one to spend it with.

So, in summary the study concludes that Jersey Shore spending is up and Jersey Shore celebrating is down. Happy Valentine's Day. We think.

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