We are all getting our work done from home these days, so how does New Jersey compare to the other states in the nation?

It turns out that New Jersey is in the top third of states (14 th to be exact) in the nation when it comes to working from home. The data was compiled by WalletHub, and here's how they determined the rankings.

They checked things like 'work environment' and 'living environment' to determine rankings. In all, twelve relevant metrics were used for the research to make their determinations.

So, how did we do here in the Garden State, and how did we get to be the 14th best state for working at home? Here are some results...

Work environment...New Jersey ranks 11th in this category

Living environment...The Garden State is 28th in this category.

Another interesting ranking that may have helped our overall ranking in this study...

Highest Households With Internet Access...We rank 3rd in the nation, only behind Connecticut and Massachusetts.

So, for the time that we are making the best out of working from home, at least we know we are among the top 20 states when it comes to working from home. But I bet a lot of us can't wait to get back to normal anyway.

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