New Jersey is a place where it's good enough to not be the worst. We're so used to being disrespected on national lists and being named the worst this and the worst that, that when we land in the middle of the pack, we're relieved and content with those results. Our bar is pretty low. So what does this have to do with fast food?

The big news is that when Stacker came out with the list of Most Fast Food Friendly States,  you just knew that we'd be the state with the longest lines at the drive thru and we'd be the ones consuming the most calories and the state that eats the least home cooked meals.

And frankly with the schedules we keep, that would definitely be a possibility, and with all the juggling of things we do, we'd have nothing to apologize for. And the bottom line is being a fast food friendly state isn't a bad thing!

So, just how high do we rank? You will be relieved to know that we do not rank high at all. As a matter of fact, we ranked way lower than I thought we would. New Jersey is the 21st most fast food friendly state, and by the way, the article defines fast food as limited service restaurants. Basically you don't have a server.

And check out these stats. In the Garden State, we have nearly 7000 limited service restaurants. And that works out to almost 8 per 10,000 residents. That's a lot. But not even enough to get us to the top 20.

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