Some days are sunny, beautiful spring-like days. And others are like yesterday, a complete Mother's Day washout. So, is this normal for this time of year?

We all know that our Jersey Shore weather is unpredictable, and we convince ourselves that it's like this every year and we just complain too much. But is that true? Is the weather we're dealing with normal for the Jersey Shore for this time of year.

Let's start with the obvious. Today's high temperature is expected to be 52 degrees. That is a full 20 degrees lower than the anticipated temperature for this time of year, so, no, that's not normal.

Here are some average May weather splits for towns around Monmouth and Ocean Counties. They include high temp/low temp/average rainfall.

Long Branch...68/ 51/ 4.06

Freehold...71/ 50/ 3.7

Toms River...72/ 48/ 4.17

The above data is from the U.S. Climate Data website

And how does the forecast shape up for the next few days? Our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says it will feel much more normal by Wednesday. He says rain and 52 today, clouds and early rain tomorrow high 56, and then sun and 66 on Wednesday.

So, there is some good news in the forecast (eventually) and when you look at some of those historical numbers, it seems that things aren't completely off the mark weather wise.

Maybe New Jersey just needs a dose of something that there is an eternal shortage of. Patience.  Remember, many long range forecasts are calling for a hot Jersey Shore summer. We'll see.

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