Everybody who sniffles wants to blame allergies first, but is that what's happening at the Jersey Shore.

Several people have blamed their sniffling on allergies over the past few weeks, but is it pollen that's behind that? We did a little checking on that, and that might not be altogether true.

We took a look at the Allergy Tracker at weather.com and it looks like the ragweed pollen may not be the bad guy here. Levels are considered moderate for today and for the next two days. And the news gets better.

The levels drop to "low" on Sunday. But if your allergies react to pollen in the "moderate" area you will feel it over the next seven days. Levels will be moderate for 5 of the next 7 days, counting today.

So if you're sneezing or sniffling and you're not particularly sensitive to ragweed pollen, then it just might be something else.

By the way, our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow is calling for clear skies today and tonight, so maybe that will help you feel a little better.

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