You would think that every person at the Jersey Shore, and in the Garden State for that matter,  are on line waiting to get their hands on the very next pumpkin spice product. You'd think we can't wait to get that pumpkin spice latte in our hands and down our throats. But a recent study says none of that is true, and concludes that New Jersey doesn't really even love pumpkin spice at all.

Unsplash, Ceyde Ciftci

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This is earth shattering autumn news here at the Jersey Shore. Find a local resident who is sad about summer ending, and you'll find someone consoling themselves and others by saying 'at least it's pumpkin spice season, but it turns out the study says that attitude isn't translating into actual pumpkin spice purchases.

Unsplash, Foodie Flavours

The report, conducted by Instacart and reported at All Recipes, says New Jersey residents but pumpkin spice products less than the national average. We all think we're the pumpkin spice capital of the world, and it turns out we're below the  pumpkin spice national average.

Remember this data is based on pumpkin spice products, not just coffee, but it's still surprising that we are buying those products 13% less than the national average, while places like West Virginia (+122%) and Iowa (+90%) are scooping them up at record rates.

Having said that, good luck finding someone firmly gripping their pumpkin spice latte here at the Jersey Shore this time of year. Maybe we're not buying pumpkin spice chips or dog treats, but the coffee we're just fine with!

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