It was hard enough to believe that the Jersey Shore dealt with two Nor'easters in about a week's time. Could there be a third one on the way.

We have had just about enough extreme weather here at the Jersey Shore this March, but believe it or not, experts are talking about the possibility of, yes, a third coastal storm impacting the Jersey Shore early next week.

We checked in with our meteorologist Dan Zarrow and asked him to break down the possibility of another Nor'easter in our near future and here's what he had to say about it.

The possibility or another Nor'easter does exist, but Dan is careful to use the word "potential" and suggests you not buy into all the hype just yet. He explains that the weather models range from a complete miss to a 7 inch snow event.

Dan suggests we all certainly keep an eye on the forecast, but it's just too early to pinpoint it just yet.   He says we will know more in a day or two.

Make sure you stay up to date on this potential storm, and all Jersey Shore weather with Dan Zarrow's weather blog.

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