Well, it passed. The ordinance restricting the sale of alcohol at bars and restaurants after midnight in Point Pleasant Beach goes into effect July 1.

What about the second ordinance that would allow bars to pay to stay open until 2 a.m.?

Well, that has been pushed back. The Point Pleasant Patch reports that the second ordinance is still on the table, but the deadline for bars to request a later closing time from the town has been postponed from May 24 to June 25.

That postponement will require the Borough Council to vote on the original ordinance and the date change and a meeting in June.

I don't live in Point Pleasant, I don't party all that often in Point, but I do go there occasionally, and I think this whole ordinance is ridiculous.

I was talking to Lou about it, and getting his take on it, and can understand how for the Point Beach homeowners, even one rowdy bargoer is too many.

What about personal responsibility though? I go out to bars pretty much every week. I act like a reasonably responsible person -- not screaming in the streets, peeing on people's lawns, and fighting like a moron. I don't care how drunk you are, handle yourself.

Here's an idea...don't act like an idiot, and this won't be a problem.

A lot of 'locals' say it's the BENNYs that cause all the trouble. Maybe we should restrict the clubs to locals only then? Must have an NJ state ID to enter? You get one drunk and disorderly conduct ticket and you're banned forever?

There just has to be a better way than punishing everyone for a few bad apples.

Anyone who's ever been to Jenks Club knows they do as much as they can to control the crowd. They have plenty of bouncers and cops around the check IDs, there are ALWAYS 5-10 cops standing outside the club when you leave onto the boardwalk, there are signs everywhere telling people to be respectful of their neighbors. Jenks and Martell's are doing everything they are supposed to.

Point Beach wants to be a family-friendly town. Totally understandable. I just hope this new ordinance doesn't drive up the prices of all those family-friendly attractions from the businesses who are now losing revenue from the bars...and drive away Point Beach's economy.

What do you think of this? Will this attract you (and your family) to Point Pleasant Beach, or take you and your money elsewhere? Add your comments below!!

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