I can understand both sides of the Point Pleasant Beach argument. Those who live near or around Point Pleasant Beach are concerned about their quality of life, and rightfully so. But as a fan of local businesses, I certainly don't want to see businesses hurt.

So this is a tough one. The ordinance passed last night (which goes into effect July 1st) certainly protects the quality of life issue, but does it do so at too high a price for some local businesses? There was another proposal that would have given establishments an opportunity to pay $60 per person of maximum capacity so they could continue to serve until 2am with those fees being used to add additional police presence. That seems to make the most sense to me because it protects the quality of life plus gives the businesses a chance to make a business decision, but that proposal stalled and has been shelved until the next council meeting.

No one should have to deal with people urinating or doing lewd things on their property. I heard one story of a homeowner finding a couple... how do I say this nicely....let's just say they were taking the "No Standing" sign a little too literally. Obviously that behavior has to stop, but is this ordinance the solution? Does it help or hurt tourism?

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