The unthinkable happened. The reality of that has hit all of us in the deepest places of our hearts and minds. Our lack of words is replaced with an abundance of tears. And now the things that really matter become our top priority.

A week ago, we may have been scrambling to find that toy or video game that just had to be under the tree. Now we gladly trade that for a hug. A real hug that lasts longer than a usual hug, and means more too.

Last week, we may have been biting our nails waiting for the season finale of our favorite TV shows. Today, we grab the remote, turn the TV off and talk to each other. We ask each other questions and listen to the answers more intently. Each word just matters more.

And everything about "I love you" is magnified. Maybe we're saying it a little more. Maybe we're saying it a little louder. And maybe we won't take any of it for granted anymore.