In the midst of the devastation around the Shore, I sometimes close my eyes and try to fast forward my mind to the beginning of Summer 2013, when the doors of the Jersey Shore opens once again and we get to show off the amazing rebuilding job we did. I know that's far away and a huge challenge, but I also know if anyone can do it, we can.

If the way we come together in the aftermath of the storm the way we were during the storm, then we will have the strength and dedication to get it done. I have talked to many business owners who lost so much in the storm, and the impression I got from them is that they are committed and dedicated to rebuilding and bringing the Shore back to it's glory, and that doesn't surprise me. The spirit of homeowners who were devastated by the storm is amazing as well, and equally unsurprising.

No one says it's going to be easy, and obviously much of it is out of our hands. But I hope we all remember this. As much as we all loved the boardwalks and the landmarks around our beautiful Jersey Shore that were taken from us by Sandy, our top resource is our people. And our people will rebuild this great place we call home.

It may not look exactly the same, but it will be the Jersey Shore, and it will be beautiful, and people will come and play here in the summer like they always have, and they will love it too. And then we can get back to the normal things, like complaining about summer traffic on the Parkway. Won't that be nice? It may not be possible nearly as soon as we'd like, but I do believe it will happen. I believe in New Jersey!

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