Three years ago the Jersey Shore changed forever when Sandy turned left and made a direct hit.

There are so many things in our memories...the devastation, the loss, the tragedy, the rebuilding, the frustration, the anger and the tears. Anyone who loves the Jersey Shore had their hearts broken 3 years ago, and those memories will never fade.

Today, as I reflect on all we went through and continue to go through, I hope that another of the lingering memories will be how the people of the Jersey Shore rose from the devastation and reached out their hands and hearts to each other.

Neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends, and strangers helping strangers. It all happened up and down the Jersey Shore after Sandy and, in so many ways, continues to this day. And that makes me so proud of the people of the Jersey Shore.

On this day, three years later, I hope we all remember there are those still suffering the effects of Sandy, and that we should extend those strong, caring Jersey Shore hands whenever we can. I know we will. We are still Jersey Strong.

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