I have seen some mosquitoes this summer that make me a little nervous, and I don't usually get nervous about mosquitoes.

As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure that's a mosquito in the picture. I 'm certainly no expert. But that thing is about 3 inches long, and I've seen bugs I'm sure were mosquitoes that size this summer.

So, can somebody tell me what's up with these bugs? Will that thing bite me? I've heard those really big one's don't bite, but i'd like some confirmation on that.

The first time I saw one this summer, I wasn't sure if it was a drone, or if I had woken up in a scary Jurassic Park sequel. I'm not a guy who's afraid of bugs, but with all the gardening I do, I could use some info on this one.

If you have some details on this, please share them with all of us so we can rest easy at least knowing what we're up against with these monster mosquitoes, and thanks in advance.

By the way, this picture was taken in my backyard in Point Pleasant. Let us know what other towns you've seen them in.

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