We could go on and on about many beach towns being "ticket-happy" with some pretty petty laws, but this one takes the cake.

In Monmouth Beach, if you want to park at the Bathing Pavilion, you have to back your car in reverse to angle spaces or risk getting a ticket. That's right, no head-on parking allowed. This measure was passed (2-1) on Tuesday, and it's going to be a nightmare. Residents were in attendance to object.

According to APP, Monmouth Beach didn't do a study on this reverse back-in angle parking but instead went with it because they heard it's working in other towns across the county, including in Hoboken. It's supposed to provide "improved visibility and increased field of vision." In all likelyhood, it's going to cause a whole bunch of headaches and accidents.

Oh, and these aren't free parking spaces. People pay $45 for passes to this lot.

Borough Commissioner Jim Cunniff says he'll "revisit the idea at the end of the summer" For now, better brush up on those parking skills!

[source: APP]

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