I  mean seriously. This is getting disgusting to look at.

Photo by Ben Fig
Photo by Ben Fig

I cringe every time I drive by.

This shopping center on the Manasquan Circle used to be the thriving Peddler's Village. And then the once-popular Circle Factory Outlets.

Now it is....a dump. An empty ghost town of sad looking, dilapidated storefronts. And the weeds growing up through the parking lot -- what an eyesore.

I can understand that all of the businesses decided to move out. I can understand that the building was in limbo and then sold.

But isn't there anyone in Wall Township who can demand that the property be kept neat while the owners decide what they will ultimately do with it?

As for when the old mall will be turned into something useable, I have not heard anything about a timeline or what the space will become. So....it sits.

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