Have you seen what's happening at the Manasquan Circle at the old home of the Circle Factory Outlets/Peddler's Village?

Since the photos recently posted of the disgusting mess of an empty shopping mall, your comments must have reached the right ears because the cleanup is underway!

Carol, who works with Earth and Turf Landscaping in Manasquan (a contractor that has been serving the local community for over 10 years) says they were contacted by the property owner to clean up the grounds at the old "Peddlers Village" site.
Crews have been working diligently from 8:30 a.m. to sunset until all the brush is cut back and the property looks groomed and well maintained.  The project will likely take a couple of days.

The Wall Township Police have also been patrolling the lot many times a day looking for potential trespassers because of the graffiti problem on the back of the building which faces the bike path (not the kind of thing you want your kids seeing on a nice family bicycle outing.)

No word yet as to whether the building owners will get anyone to remove that graffiti. (It was nice to see the lights on inside the old stores overnight when I drove past, too, as maybe this will discourage mischief.)

We may not know yet what will become of that space on the Manasquan Circle (stay tuned for updates) but it will be nice if the property can at least be kept maintained so that it isn't such an eyesore.
Carol says Earth & Turf, along with so many other local community members, take pride in the Manasquan/Wall area and she knows she isn't the only one with cherished memories made as a child at the landmark Peddler's Village.
Thanks for sharing the photos, Carol! This is already such an improvement!
To reach Earth and Turf, CLICK HERE, or call 1-800-863-9126.

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