We always seem to make fun of (or curse out!) our traffic circles, adding it to the list of things we hate about NJ. But science says that they are actually safer than all of those hellish intersections!

Here are some of the quotes from sources I have read, and they really do make sense. Bottom line is that you are driving slower around a circle than you would be when approaching an intersection, which gives you the ability to stop more quickly if necessary, and collisions would tend to be from a sideswipe rather than possibly head-on.

When I researched answers to the question "Why are traffic circles safer than intersections?" here are some of the answers I got:

"Because drivers are forced to slow down before entering the traffic circle, which reduces the maximum speed of vehicles in the circle. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, traffic circles are about 75% safer compared to traditional intersections."
From quora.com:
"The simple answer is speed. In a traffic circle, accidents result in calling a tow truck. Accidents at intersections result in calling an ambulance."
Because "All traffic moves in one direction."
Those are some of the simple answers, but if you want to read up in-depth, CLICK HERE.
Now maybe you'll stop complaining and start embracing our circles! I know I will!

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