Me:  “Hey Dad what are you blowing up?”

My Dad: “A giant cat head!”

Me: “….”

As we all know 2020 is not the greatest year but it might be the greatest year for pool floats. All over the place, everywhere I look, pool floats are outright fascinating.  Who would have thought floating on a giant pizza slice would be the next sexy Instagram post. “Lying on” and “cactus” should not be used in the same sentence. I am so intrigued that I ponder the future of pool floats. Can we customize and print one of our favorite pictures on the front of the float? What other types of foods can be nice to lie on? Am I ridiculous for thinking about this?


Soooo my wonderful mother loves cats and for Christmas, my sister thought giving her a cat-head pool float would be a fun stocking stuffer. FANTASTIC gift! My middle sister, Amy is by far the best gift-giver in the family; she even remembers to buy catnip for the cat! Are these floats relaxing to sit on? No, I was falling off this thing all afternoon. Slippin’ and slidin’ off like a fool. However, it does bring a unique and fun look to your backyard. A smile nowadays goes a very long way.

I know my crazy family is not the only one who has something silly floating around in the pool. A cat-head? Pineapple? Hotdog? Whatever is floating in your pool, let’s see those pictures and tag 94.3 THE POINT!

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