crashing waves
flickr user, Peter Kaminski

I was sitting in Jenkinson's Pavilion yesterday as I was doing the show live from there, and as the day went on it seemed the weather got worse.

As we were doing a show about Sandy recovery, I thought it was ironic that the waves would be crashing on the beach and the ocean seemed to be getting angrier as the day went on. When I saw that I was getting upset. Upset because we now know all too well that the ocean can basically do whatever it wants, whenever it wants to.

And none of us will ever look at an angry ocean and a bad storm the same way again. It will be along time before we hear of storms and surges and wind and be able to shrug it off like we used to. If ever.

I kept seeing people going to the window, not with the wonder we used to have, but with a nervous desire to have it stop. You know the feeling. We all do.

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