I absolutely can't believe I'm going to say this, but I actually think that I am ready for Christmas.

Yes, the popular, and widely held belief is that everybody tries to rush the holiday season. Stores have Thanksgiving stuff on one side of the aisle and Christmas stuff on the other side, and it's not even Halloween yet.

I am actually one of the people who have complained about it, but I now need to step back and re-evaluate that position. I was in one of those stores yesterday and when I looked up and saw a Santa in a sleigh decoration, I...I...I actually smiled! What is happening to me?

I held on to summer with a tight grip. I didn't want the temperature to drop. I didn't even want to talk about football. I wanted summer to last and if that couldn't happen, I wanted fall to take it's sweet time. Now, in mid-October I'm smiling at Santa? And why am I getting that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling?

I don't know the answer to those questions, but I do know this. My current position has changed. It is now "bring it on". Give me coats and hats, bring me soup, chili and hot chocolate, and let's start some shopping! Merry Christmas everyone...see you in a couple of weeks at the Halloween party!


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