We are days away from a weird Halloween 2020 at the Jersey Shore, in a year that's had a weird everything. So, which is the most searched Halloween costume in our state this year?

The most famous things about the Garden state don't always make the greatest costumes. How many Bruce Springsteens, Bon Jovis or Jack Nicholsons did you see around your neighbor last year. Not many, right?

So, what can we expect for 2020. the answer to that is obviously the unexpected this year, so let's take a look at the search data provided by attsavings.com. What's your guess for the Garden State's top searched Halloween costume?

It turns out the Garden State's choice is a pretty bone chilling one. It's Pennywise, from Stephen King's "It". That is downright scary. We could have picked any clown, and we picked this one?

Pennywise 2019
Warner Bros. Pictures

Or what about a ghost or a princess, or what about even Spiderman? Those all seem a lot less scary to me. And we'd definitely be more likely to answer the door, if we're even answering the door at all.

Overall in the country, Spiderman and Harley Quinn were the most popular. If this makes you feel better, New Jersey wasn't the only state to make Pennywise their top choice. We are joined by North Carolina for this one.

So, while the rest of the country will be enjoying dinosaurs, princesses, superheroes and  witches, we'll be cowering in fear with a bunch of Pennywises running around. Leave it to us, right New Jersey?

Nobody said we were like all the other states, and in this case we're not. We're only like one other state. Happy Halloween New Jersey!

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