There is nothing better than a good sandwich,. And here in New Jersey we take it to the next level. We really love our sandwiches. So when you try to pick our most iconic sandwich, you better do it with care.

And a little research uncovered a couple of different lists and we found different answers when it comes to the top sandwich in the Garden State. We know you have your favorite. Let's see what some experts around the country are saying.

Delish. Lots of people look to Delish for amazing food information, so their word carries a lot of weight. So what do they say is New Jersey's iconic sandwich. It's a classic. They say it's the Italian Sub (they call it a hoagie) and you're not going to get an argument on that from most people in the Garden State.

Far & Wide. In a world where nobody agrees on anything, Far & Wide agrees with Delish and say the Italian sub (they also call it hoagie), s so far it's unanimous.

Daily Meal. Another well respected food site. So what does Daily Meal say is the best New Jersey sandwich? They also say the Italian sub, and they specify Atlantic City's White House Subs.

So, wait a minute. Do we have a unanimous decision on this one. I think we do.We never have a unanimous decision in New Jersey, and especially not one about food. But this time we do.

I'm sure if we dug deeper, we'd find another answer, but for now, let's just enjoy one unanimous decision for a change.

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