🔴 Car rolled through intersection at 100 miles per hour

🔴 2 passengers suffered serious injuries

🔴 Driver had high levels of THC in his system, prosecutors say

JACKSON — A Middlesex County man is facing charges for a high-speed rolling crash that injured himself and three passengers earlier this year, according to authorities.

Nicholas Obrzut, 21, of Monroe is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of assault by auto for a crash in Jackson on Jan. 27, Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said Monday.

The crash left Obrzut and three passengers with injuries, Billhimer said. Two of the passengers required treatment at the hospital.

Obrzut was arrested at his home on April 3. He was released after a court appearance due to bail reform laws, Billhimer said.

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Google Maps

100 mph crash injures driver, 3 passengers

According to prosecutors, Obrzut was driving a 2020 BMW west on North County Line Road toward the intersection with Jackson Mills Road around 2:15 a.m. on Jan. 27. He failed to follow a curve in the road and struck the curbed median.

Investigators found the vehicle was going 100 mph before the impact. North County Line Road is a 50 mph zone, authorities said.

The vehicle began to roll when it struck the curb and its speed carried it through the intersection, Billhimer said. It only came to a stop when it hit several trees.

Two passengers in the backseat were taken to the hospital and were later released. They're still recovering at home, Billhimer said. Obrzut and a third passenger in the front seat only suffered minor injuries.

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Hackensack Meridian Health

Driver was high in high-speed crash, prosecutors say

While Obrzut was being treated at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, authorities got court approval for a blood draw.

A blood test showed that Obrzut had an Active THC level of 14 nanograms with a Metabolite THC level of 100 ng, according to Billhimer. The prosecutor said these results showed that Obrzut was an active marijuana user at the time of the crash.

"Additionally, it is reasonably certain that Obrzut’s faculties were impaired due to the effects of marijuana intoxication, and that he could not have safely operated a motor vehicle," said Billhimer in a statement.

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