Do you consider yourself middle class?

I think most people do, even if they're not actually sure if they fall into the category of middle class.

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Just a few years ago, in the 90s, being middle class was something a lot of people were able to achieve.

You had to bring home somewhere in the area of 53 to 56 thousand dollars per year in order to support your family and be considered in the middle class.

Now though, that number has skyrocketed and in order to be considered middle class in New Jersey you have to make a surprisingly large amount of money.

What's The Most Expensive State In The Country To Be Middle Class In?

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The most expensive state in the country to be considered middle class is Hawaii.

You need to earn an average salary of $82,630 to support a family of four according to Fox.

What's The Most Inexpensive State In The Country To Be Middle Class?

Your money goes further in the South and states like Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi have the lowest bar for middle-class income.

You have to make just over $60,000 per year in order to be considered middle-class in those states.

How Much Do You Need To Make In NJ To Be Considered Middle Class?

So according to the Fox 5 report, Jersey is the third most expensive state for the middle class.

In order to be considered a middle-class household, you'll have to make $80,163 a year just to be in the middle class.

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