How popular are dogs? According to Forbes, "Dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S. (65.1 million U.S. households own a dog), followed by cats (46.5 million households) and freshwater fish (11.1 million households). That's a lot of bones! So there is a chance you might own a dog. If you follow my page, you may have read we just rescued 2 dogs ourselves so we are once again part of the 65.1 million homes again. 


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Golden Retriever



So let's get right to it, according to a new survey, "The study conducted by pet nutrition experts at PetLab analyzed over 200 AKC-recognized dog breeds alongside keywords such as 'buy' and 'adopt' through Google's Keyword Planner to produce a ranking for each state's most searched-for breed over the past 12 months."


Dog Helena Lopes


For us here in the Garden State, the most popular dog is a well-known breed, the popular Golden Retriever. Maybe you know someone who has a Golden Retriever? I often get them confused with Golden Labs. According to Daily Paws, "One difference between golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers is their muzzle shape: goldens' are more narrow with a lean jaw, while Labs' are broader and a bit more jowly."


Golden Retriever Olga Andreyanova


Here are some facts from the PetLab survey:

  • Golden Retrievers are the most searched-for dog breed in the US, with 38 states favoring the breed over all others 
  • The second most favored dog breed in the US is the French Bulldog, followed by the Bernese Mountain Dog in third
  • The Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed in New Jersey


Puppy Shayna Douglas


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