This survey is perfect for those who are raising a family or considering raising a family here in the Garden State. The survey, by Wallethub, shows statistically how New Jersey fairs among states in America and gives you a snapshot of how it is to raise a family not only in New Jersey but around the nation. According to a recent Patch article, "A new analysis from WalletHub rated U.S. states based on affordability, education, family fun and more."


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So let's look at the Patch article that deals with families here in New Jersey. Let's start on a positive note with data from the WalletHub survey. "A new ranking that looks at housing affordability, job prospects, education quality, health care availability, and other quality-of-life measures puts New Jersey among the best states to raise a family." Well, that's great news for Mom & Dad!


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Where Does New Jersey Rank Nationally When It Comes To Raising A Family?

According to WalletHub, New Jersey ranks in the top half of all states for "raising families". Of the 50 states New Jersey ranks at #17 in America. The Top 5 states in America were Massachusetts, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and New York. By the way, New Mexico finished last in the survey at #50.


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Here is how New Jersey scored in the Wallethub survey in the 5 categories that they used to compile their numbers.

  1. Family Fun: 26 points
  2. Health & Safety: 19 points
  3. Education & Child Care: 3 points
  4. Affordability: 6 points
  5. Socio-economics: 39 points


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A couple of highlights for New Jersey in the WalletHub survey:

"States with the lowest infant mortality rate: North Dakota, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Oregon, respectively."

"States with the lowest separation and divorce rates: Utah, North Dakota, New Jersey, Hawaii and Nebraska, respectively."


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