When I think of the Ocean County Mall I think of all our events and fun I've had professionally and personally.

From shopping to eating to mall walking, I've always loved the Ocean County Mall. And recently there's been some really great changes to it to make it even better.

When I mention eating, it's Ichiban (Hibachi) for my family and me, all the time. That's the place we choose.

ivanko_brnjakovic, Getty Images
ivanko_brnjakovic, Getty Images

We asked the question on the 92.7 WOBM Facebook page what do we need and want at the Ocean County Mall. I know there are so many stores and restaurants I'd love to see at this mall.

If we start with restaurants, they've added several great ones and I consider BJ's as one of the good ones added. A couple that you want to see are Texas Road House, Cracker Barrel, and Chick-fil-A. I think a Chick-fil-A in the mall would be a great idea. I would imagine if one ever comes to Toms River, it will be outside the mall but on the mall property.

There are a lot of listeners I talk to and you tell me that you never shop at the Ocean County Mall because there are not enough stores to choose from. You often say, it's not like the Freehold Raceway Mall or the Monmouth Mall. No, you're right, it's the Ocean County Mall and I totally agree, we need more stores.

So many great responses to what we want at the Ocean County Mall. These are amazing stores and restaurants that we need in the mall. I love all of these things you want to see in Ocean County:

Stores and Restaurants People Want at the Ocean County Mall

Over 30 stores and restaurants you are demanding at the Ocean County Mall

Gallery Credit: Sue Moll

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