I think I may be a little late to the game, is that the saying?, I recently discovered that I love "chorizo". Do you know what "chorizo" is? Basically "chorizo" is a Mexican/Spanish sausage. I think it's delicious and now when I do go out to eat, and it's Mexican, I try to order something with "chorizo" as my protein. Do you enjoy "chorizo"? Give us your take on this dish and post your comments below.


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Mexican Food
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According to YouGov.com here are the most popular "Mexican" dishes in America.

  1. Nachos 81%
  2. Burritos 81%
  3. Quesadilla 79%
  4. Salsa 78%
  5. Fajitas 76%
  6. Guacamole 67%
  7. Chili con Carne 66%
  8. Chimichangas 62%


Mexican Food
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According to 24/7 Tempo, "Mexican food is the second most popular cuisine in America, according to a study conducted late last year by FoodFireFriends based on Google search data. This cuisine had an average of 1.22 million searches per month. (Coming in at number one was Chinese with more than 3.35 million searches.) This year, on a list of the 50 most popular foods in America published by Reader’s Digest, 11 items were Mexican or Mexican-adjacent." So as you see, Mexican food is extremely popular, and not surprising is that New Jersey is home to many fantastic "Mexican" restaurants.


El Taco Loco
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For us here in New Jersey, 24/7 Tempo says that to find the best "Mexican" restaurant in the Garden State you need to visit Camden County. 24/7 Tempo listed El Taco Loco as the best in New Jersey. "The house specialty is a “ponchiburro,” or open-face burrito, with a choice of 10 different fillings, including birria, carnitas, and beef tongue." Have you visited El Taco Loco in Camden? Give us your review and post your comments below. If you have additional Mexican restaurants that you love, post those locations too.


Mexican Food
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