These New Jersey Towns Are Listed In The Top 150 For Most Expensive Home Prices In The America.

Take a look at some of the most expensive towns to live in New Jersey based on home prices. The towns are ranked among the most expensive across the United States. The Garden State is an expensive state to live in as it is, add a high-priced home (plus property taxes) and you have even more costs for you to live in New Jersey. So let's look at the highest-priced towns when it comes to home buying.


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According to these towns in New Jersey rank among the most expensive in the nation for home sale prices (Top 150 Nationally):

1. Deal ranked 27th (Average home value of $3.44 million as of February)

2. Alpine ranked 51st

3.  Avalon ranked 70th

4. Stone Harbor ranked 82nd

5. Short Hills ranked 121st

7. Allenhurst ranked 122nd

8. Sea Girt ranked 124th

9, Mantoloking ranked 131st



If you were curious, the most expensive town in the United States (Based on home prices) is Atherton, California in San Mateo County. The average home price in Atherton is, wait for it, $7,482,537.

According to Zillow, "Statewide (New Jersey) the typical home value was $503,432 in February. Nationwide, home values were $347,716, according to the data."

How much did you pay for your home? Chances are you didn't pay millions, but in case you win the lottery the towns listed above in New Jersey, will have a price tag you can handle, otherwise, you may need to get a few side hustles.


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