Labor Day Weekend 2023 proved to be a deadly one here in the Garden State.

The beaches, per usual, weren't short any tourists or day-trippers celebrating the holiday, that's for sure. It's a tradition for many to squeeze in a last-minute beach trip over the holiday weekend before school starts. That was the case for plenty of people who chose to take in the sun and sand along the Jersey coastline this Labor Day Weekend.

Unfortunately, it turned to tragedy in more than one location.

Both Beach Haven and Strathmere were the sites of lives lost due to rip currents within New Jersey waters over the holiday.

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We know that a man from Vineland lost his life after battling the current on Monday in Strathmere. Multiple sources have reported that the man was able to help his daughter escape the current, but ultimately couldn't escape it himself.

The family, as well as the woman who helped them call 9-1-1, are trying to raise awareness regarding the GoFundMe page that's been established. Anyone wondering what they can do to help the family get through this devastating loss, donating to the cause isn't a bad idea.

The GoFundMe reveals the man was Mark Costin, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, and a true hero. He died attempting to save another life. The page reveals that Costin, in fact, was able to get the girl to safety. The whole family is beyond thankful for his sacrifice and considers him forever their hero.

Of course, he will be missed by all who knew him.

You can access the GoFundMe for Costin HERE.


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