Who doesn't love the giant grizzly bear that is Jason Kelce? Over the years, he's become the epitome of Philadelphia sports. He's the face of not only football in Philadelphia and South Jersey, but of every single sport with a professional team in this region.

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Everybody loves him!

Of course, we love him for his time as a longtime center for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a pivotal player during their Super Bowl LII victory against the New England Patriots back in 2018.


What really sealed his place in our hearts was that passionate and emotional speech during the Eagles' victory parade. It's now an insanely iconic moment in Philadelphia sports history. Kelce's performance on the field and his leadership off the field have made him a beloved figure among Eagles fans.

Fans may not be too happy with him after discovering what happened to his Super Bowl ring, though.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Media Availability
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Jason Kelce admits to losing his Super Bowl ring in chili

If you watched the Kelce documentary on Prime Video, then you know that he can be a little goofy. The part where he's scouring the house for his Super Bowl ring made plenty of fans chuckle. He found the box pretty easy, but the ring took him a bit.

Unfortunately, it sounds like he's since lost the ring for good this time. Jason admitted to his brother and fellow NFL player Travis on their podcast that he lost his bling in a bowl full of chili.

According to multiple sources, he did everything to try and find it, including using a metal detector. He didn't find it, though. Sounds like it's gone for good.

So, what happens now? Will the NLF replace the ring or is his championship bling now a fond memory? Does anybody know? Let us know on the app!

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