What's not to love about Jason Kelce? Here in South Jersey, we can't answer that question. Anywhere considered Birds Country will agree that the man is a legend.

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He may be retired now, but Kelce embodies everything about Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. His heart, his passion, his spirit, his love for family, his grit, all of it; we love him here in Philly & South Jersey. That's why it's always so exciting when he's spotted around these parts. It's like seeing a hero in the flesh!

Jason Kelce & Lane Johnson at Wrestlemania XL Philadelphia

WWE's Wrestlemania XL went down in Philadelphia on Saturday night. It was there that Philly sports fans got the treat of their lives in the form of not one, but TWO Eagles players. Wrestlemania fans were treated to a cameo from not on only Jason Kelce, but Lane Johnson, too! They were brought in to help Rey Mysterio and Andrade completely destroy Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio. They did just that. The crowd went WILD.

Philly wasn't the only place to get a visit from the two famous athletes that day.

Jason Kelce & Lane Johnson at Paulsboro Wrestling School

It turns out, Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson were both hanging out at the Monster Factory, a pro wrestling school in Paulsboro, Gloucester County. They were there training with Coach Danny Cage and also met legendary Paulsboro High School wrestling coach Paul Morina. Of course, being the awesome guys they are, they took pictures with students and trainers at the Monster Factory, too.

Judging by their performance on Saturday night, the training they received here in South Jersey did them some good.




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Even though Wrestlemania came and went, we can guarantee this isn't the last we've seen of Jason Kelce in South Jersey this year. Summer is just around the corner. We'll, no doubt, see him in Sea Isle again.

If you or even your child has been bitten by the wrestling bug, definitely check this school out. Monster Factory in Paulsboro, Gloucester County.

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