If you're ever been to Hawaii, you hopefully had the experience of getting off the airplane and having someone put a lei around your neck.

It's a great welcome to Hawaii and a fun beginning to your trip.

We started thinking - what if the same practice was done to visitors to Atlantic City?

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Photo by Ken Mages on Unsplash

What's a good welcome to people who fly into Atlantic City International Airport?

Wouldn't it be a great welcome to Atlantic City to be greeted similarly?

We asked locals what they thought would make a great welcome gift to visitors. What could we put around their necks that would somehow be symbolic of Atlantic City?

We received a TON of answers, some pretty good and creative and some.... well, a little rough.

Spirit Airlines Atlantic City
Photo by Forsaken Films on Unsplash

Good creative ways to welcome visitors to Atlantic City

Well, share some of the best answers we received first. Many of these are nods to the "good things" that Atlantic City is known for.

Tracey Neveling suggested a Saltwater Taffy Necklace.

Michael Martin's idea was a pretzel!

Jay Rossi suggests some Johnson's Popcorn. (Maybe a popcorn necklace?)

Jessica Redmond's idea is to hand out a pork roll, egg, and cheese bagel to everyone.

Susan Evans was the first to suggest some fuzzy dice.

Sara Uth said a necklace of Wawa coffee cups!

From Jeanine Smith: "A necklace with a decorative poker chip on it."

Wayne Fritz suggested a necklace with a small diving horse.

Michelle Horse said a Jersey tomato necklace.

Kevin from Cape May Court House suggested a beach tag!

Photo by LeeAnn Cline on Unsplash
Photo by LeeAnn Cline on Unsplash

We got some bizarre suggestions too

Many suggestions were maybe only half serious. Here's a quick look at those:

Body armor, a gun, pepper spray, and a ticket home (to leave right away.)

What do you think would make a great "Welcome to Atlantic City" gift?

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