You can add North Wildwood to the list of South Jersey Shore towns that have enacted nighttime curfews for teens to curb rowdy behavior, shoplifting, and vandalism by groups of underage kids.

North Wildwood's New Curfew Rules

Beginning this spring, teens under the age of 18 must be off the streets between 10 pm and 6 am unless an adult accompanies them.

This rule is in effect between May 15 and Sept. 15.

Teens under 18 are also prohibited from driving in North Wildwood after 10 pm unless they are returning from work, recreational events, or organized events with adult supervision.

During the off-season months, from Sept 16 to May 14, the curfew time will be 11 pm.

Penalties for Ignoring the North Wildwood Curfew

Parents who allow their children to break the curfew can be fined. The first violation is a fine between $250 - $500. A second violation within a year could see the fine increase from $500 to $1000. A third violation in a year carries a fine of $1000 to $1,500.

If teens violate the curfew, police will give them two curbside warnings to go home immediately.

If they don't heed the warning, police have been instructed to bring the teens in for a "stationhouse adjustment", where a parent or legal guardian will be called to pick them up.

North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello told the Philadelphia Inquirer that teens won't have much of a problem for violating the curfew unless they are causing trouble.

"I don't foresee our police officers seeking out people to enforce this ordinance upon, it's really just an enforcement tool..."


Other South Jersey Towns With Curfews

Because of issues with groups of rowdy teens gathering and causing trouble, curfew enforcement has become a popular way of keeping the peace in Shore towns.

North Wildwood will be joining towns including Ocean City, Margate, Sea Isle City, and Wildwood in enforcing teen curfews.

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