These new signs over some New Jersey roadways warn motorists Santa's not the ONLY one watching them this holiday season.

New Jersey's New Warnings for Drivers

Officials in the Garden State clearly want you to make it into and through the holidays in one piece and in PEACE.


The Messages

Festive yet feisty new warnings have popped along New Jersey roads like the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, AC Expressway, Route 42 and more that tap into the Christmas spirit to get your attention.

Are They Effective?

The ironic thing is, though, that they DID get my attention, but while I was busy reading one of the signs and chuckling at the creativity, I took my eyes off the road. Clever, NJ, but counterproductive?

I applaud the team at thegardenstate/Instagram for managing to (safely) capture video of the new Christmasy road warnings that are all over New Jersey. You can check them out for yourself below.

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Have you spotted them, too, and also found them distraction? Yes or no, they definitely get the point across. Your friends and family DO want you to safely arrive to wherever you're heading this holiday season.

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These new signs over some New Jersey roadways tell motorists Santa's not the only one watching them this Christmas season.

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