We are broadcasting our show today from the beautiful Jenkinson's Boardwalk just across from the Aquarium.

So I thought it would be fun to spotlight one of the penguins who calls Jenkinson's aquarium home. Today that spotlight falls on Jonesy.

Jonesy is an adorable 26 year old penguin who is pretty popular among the other penguins, and is reportedly quite a bit of a flirt and all of the female penguins absolutely love it.

And you don't need to buy any fancy toys for Jonesy. All he needs is a set of keys dangling form a belt loop and he's a happy camper. Just ask the great staff at Jenkinson's Aquarium.

Jonesy, of course, has a lot of penguin friends at the Aquarium, but he also has a lot of relatives there too. L.P. is his nephew, Checkers and Kringle are his offspring and Jonesy is a grandpa! Dassen is his granddaughter!

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