Did you ever want to get up close and personal with a 16 foot Burmese python? Well, if you're anything like me, you're answer would be no. But it happened to me anyway.

We're not exactly talking about an encounter in the wild here though. We're talking about the 16 foot Burmese python, named Edward by the way, that Laura and the staff at Jenkinson's have been trying to get me to hold for years.

They brought Edward out onto the boardwalk during our live show there yesterday morning, along with turtles and alligators and penguins and Wally the Sloth and more, much to the delight of all the families who stopped by.

I've met Edward before, and even though Matt and Liz and others have held the python before under the watchful eye of the Jenk's crew, it's just not my thing. So when they placed the big guy on the table right in front of me yesterday it was quite a moment.

The snake is absolutely beautiful and even I have to admit it was pretty cool to be that close to it.

Here's a list of the things I did do while Edward hung out on the table in front of me. I talked to him, I got close to him (and then very quickly backed off), and yes, I even pet him.

Here's a list of things I didn't do while Edward hung out on the table in front of me. Hold him. That's it. It was the one thing they wanted me to do and I didn't do it. But the Jenk's Aquarium did congratulate me on the progress I made in our latest visit.

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