The wonderful people at Jenkinson's always have a great surprises for us during our live broadcasts, and yesterday, it was Scarlett who came to visit.

The beautiful bird came for a visit is in her late 20s and stopped by our table to entertain us. She talked dances, waved hello and, not surprisingly, drew a big crowd! She loved being a bit of a ham for the crowd. How adorable!

I think my favorite part was when I asked if I could take a selfie with Scarlett. I stepped in front of her and had no idea that the closer I moved my head toward her, the more she moved away from me. Check out that body language in the picture. Hysterical!

A big thank you, as always to the great staff at Jenkinson's Aquarium for the great surprises, and don't forget to visit Scarlett the next time you are at Jenk's. Get all the details about Jenkinson's Aquarium at their website!