We told you last week that two New Jersey restaurants were named among the most beautiful in the whole country, but neither is from the Jersey Shore.
So we thought we would do something about that. We decided to let all Jersey Shore residents cast their votes for the most beautiful restaurants right here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, and you were not shy, to say the least.

We tallied up all the votes and are proud to be able to announce the Top 3 Most Beautiful Jersey Shore Restaurants according to you. We’ll list them from #3 to #1 just to add to the drama. Here you go. Enjoy.

#3 Shrimp Box. This is one of my favorites, too. The food is amazing, the view is amazing and there might not be a better summer tradition. We love this place and can’t wait to be there again.

#2 Charlie’s of Bay Head. This place is a real crowd favorite. It’s a gorgeous spot nestled in quaint Bay Head, and there’s never a bad time to go there. Awesome!

#1 Chef Mike’s ABG. He is bringing sexy food back and he’s doing it at the restaurant you voted the most beautiful at the Jersey Shore! Way to go Chef Mike! It is a beautiful spot!

We also want to list some of the other great Jersey Shore restaurants who also got votes.
So a big shout out to Wharfside, Lobster Shanty, Water’s Edge, Stella Marina, McLoone’s, Sirana, Bahr’s, Taven & the Peach, La Dolce Vita, Red’s and Brandl. You guys are all great, and here’s to hoping that this summer is full of great, healthy days and that the worst is behind us.

Remember everyone, eat local! And thanks for your votes!

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