Just weeks after arriving in Seaside, a member of Jersey Shore has already been arrested. Find out who after the jump!

According to Celebuzz, the self-proclaimed “blast in a glass,” Deena Nicole Cortese was cuffed on Sunday after a police officer spotted her looking “a little intoxicated” at Seaside Heights. She had wandered out into the middle of the street and was allegedly slapping passing cars.

Cortese was taken to the police station, served a summons and then released.

“Basically, you have to appear in court for that and normally there is a fine,” Steve Korman, a public information spokesperson for Seaside Heights Police Department.

Cortese and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast were hanging out at the Spicy Catalina that day. There was an unidentified male subject with her when she was taken into booking.

Watch Deena Nicole get picked up: