A group of from Brielle, Manasquan, and Point Pleasant took part in this very special tribute. Check out the video!

Last Sunday, Sept. 16th, a group of local surfers, stand-up paddleboarders, and friends from Brielle, Manasquan and Point Pleasant paddled to the Statue of Liberty in remembrance of 9/11 at sunrise.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Piemonte)
(Photo courtesy of Tom Piemonte)
One of the men who participates each year, Tim Piemonte, had his daughter Analise Piemonte wanting to join in this time around. She paddled with the group and then performed a moving rendition of the National Anthem. Analise is a freshman at Donovan Catholic.
The original idea came from Tom Weatherall. He is the CEO of The NJ chapter of Make a Wish Foundation and, as Tim puts it, "One of the finest human beings on this earth."
Tim asked that we share this event in hopes of possibly getting some additional people to join in next year. They launch at sunrise either the weekend before or weekend after 9/11 depending on the weather, so we will let you know when they plan to do next year's and how to get in touch with Tim if you are interested in helping to make this remembrance ceremony even bigger.
In Tim's words, "May the victims of 9/11 rest in peace and we will never forget."
To see a video clip of this wonderful tribute, CLICK HERE.

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