Halloween is here and that means horror movies are here too. It turns out the victims in horror movies always seem to make the same mistakes.

We asked Jersey Shore residents what's the worst place to go when you're in a horror movie. I'm not going to lie, this question was definitely inspired by that hysterical Geico commercial where the stars hide behind the chainsaws.

It turns out that one of the three most popular answers happens top be what the kids in that commercial say at the end. If you've seen it, you know what we mean.

So, we asked random Jersey Shore residents "What is the worst place to go if you are the star of a horror movie?", and here are the top answers...

#3 Cemetery... it's dark, it's creepy, there are already dead people there. Sounds like a great place to be. (and it's the place they go to at the end of the Geico commercial)

#2 Basement...it's dark, it's creepy and there's only one exit. Let's go there.

#1 Shower...It's not dark, but is there a creepier place on the planet for creating the most horrifying horror movie moments?

We do have to give some props to a few honorable mentions that didn't make the top 3. We did get votes for log cabins, deserted buildings and high school gyms. I think we have Carrie to thank for that last one.

So sit, back, relax, close that one eye and get ready for your favorite Halloween horror movies. Need some suggestions? Here's Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 Horror movies. Enjoy! Or not.

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