If you are not yet convinced that the Jersey Shore's weather is prone to extreme mood swings, then you probably haven't been paying attention this week.

It seems that the wild weather swings are happening more and more at the Jersey Shore and this week we are experiencing 50 degree temperature differences in a 48 hour time span.

So, we welcome you to deep winter and early spring all in the same work week. Remember the single digit temperatures with wind chills near 15 below early this week? Now, we get ready for a near 55 degree day.

It's official. Jersey Shore weather is as moody as Jersey Shore drivers.You could get whiplash from following the weather this week, because Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says that while the mid 50's will be with us tomorrow (Thurdsay) morning, don't blink or you'll miss it.

By tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will have already dropped back into the 30's. Are you starting to buy the Jersey Shore's weather mood swings theory yet? So the rollercoaster of Jersey Shore temperatures rides from single digits to mid 50's and back to near freezing all in a 72 hour period.

Just to make you feel a little better, we thought we'd research the world record weather mood swing to see how this week compares, and frankly, it doesn't.

We travel back to January 15,1972 in Loma, Montana. On that day, the temperature rose from -54 degrees to 49 degrees in a 24 hour period. That 103 degree swing was the largest temperature swing in a 24 hour period ever anywhere in the world, according to montanakids.com.

And how about this one from the Weather Channel. Almost 76 years ago to the day (January 22, 1943) in South Dakota, the temperature swing was 49 degrees, which doesn't seem all that amazing until you realize it happened in a two minute span.

Yep, at 7:30am that morning in Spearfish, the temperature was -4 degrees, and by 7:32am, it was 45 degrees. That makes Jersey Shore weather seem pretty tame. But we all know it's not.

So as you ride the roller coaster that is Jersey Shore weather, make sure you download the free 94.3 The Point App, and stay up to date on our ever changing weather.

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