Denial can't help us at this point because Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is coming back into our lives tomorrow evening.

While the rest of the world may be thrilled, I can say with confidence that those of us at the Jersey Shore feel as if we are being tortured in a cruel and unusual way.

So maybe the best way to survive this is to steer into the skid by remembering the most obnoxious trends that they started that have absolutely nothing to do with us.

We can do this people.

1. GTL

As far as I am concerned, going to the gym and doing your laundry are very normal chores that everyone does on a daily basis. Do you hear people say, "I'm about to go the bathroom?!" Yea, that's because nobody cares.

2. The "T" in GTL

I am pretty sure I have explained my thoughts on tanning before. You go to tan with fake sun so you can sit outside in the real sun. Ummm....ok?

3. Fist Pumping

You don't "beat up the beat," you dance to the music. And how punching air is a fun form of dancing...I will never know but whenever I see anyone do the fist pump, I run in the opposite direction.

4. The Poof

Back in the day, if you saw Snooki....she normally came with an exaggerated poof. The weirdest part? She used so much hairspray it did not move!

5. T- Shirt Time

Can you say "ego?" You get ready, you pregame, you go out. Why are you making this process that much more complicated?!

6. Grenades

Listen, we all have a type and know what we are attracted to. But these are still people that you are talking about on national television. No one is saying you have to hook up with someone you do not want to but you don't have to launch personal attacks at them.

Did I miss any of the big ones? What about the trends that irk you? Comment Below!

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