Experts from a fashion company specializing in bridesmaids and wedding party gowns recently compiled research to find out what colors are most popular across the country. Here's what brides in New Jersey prefer most.

Getting bridesmaids to agree on a color and style of gown can be a tricky process. Not every color looks good on everyone. Ultimately, the bride gets the final say (usually, lol).

Carson Vara/Unsplash
Carson Vara/Unsplash

So, do you think brides-to-be in the Garden State want their wedding party to be bold and stand out, or don something more muted so as not to take the focus off her?

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Get our free mobile app, an affordable clothing website, recently analyzed Google trends to determine the most searched bridesmaid dress colors are from each state, according to Search Intelligence Ltd.

Green, burgundy, gold, taupe, black, and pink-hued dresses all got a lot of clicks.

Ultimately, though, shades of grey are the most popular in all of America, including in New York, California, Alaska, and Illinois.

As for New Jersey? Our favorite color bridesmaid dress at the moment is LILAC, a lovely, flattering member of the purple family.

What color are you choosing for your wedding party? Looks like if you go the lilac route, you'll be right on trend!

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