We all know 94.3 The Point is here to represent the Jersey Shore but it is impossible for us to capture every beautiful moment throughout Monmouth & Ocean counties. We do our best but hey, we are human indeed.

So now, we are turning to the best resource of all: the Jersey Shore residents.

We are encouraging you to send your gorgeous photos or pieces of art so we can post it on our social media accounts. This can also include illustrations, paintings, photos, video clips or anything that you feel captures the essence of the Jersey Shore.

These photos can include scenes of nature, photos of you, your family or friends living it up at the Jersey Shore or any other moment that truly captures what it is like to live near the coast of New Jersey.

We want to do this for a few reasons: 

1. We try to capture photos while we are out and about but we also want to see the Jersey Shore from your point of view. So take a photo of a great moment or things that fascinate you.

2. We know that "making it" in any profession related to the arts can be difficult. We want to shine a light onto local photographers and artists to help them reach the next step.

3. The more and better photos we post, the better others can understand and love the Jersey Shore. (Because let's face it, we don't have the best reputation with the rest of the world)


Please email your photo(s) to using the subject line: "Jersey Shore Photos For The Point."

In your email, please include:

1. The name or company you want credited for the photo

2. Any of your social media tags so we can tag you when we post across all platforms

3. Info on what the photo is of and the people in it that are okay with being named.

AND OF COURSE: Please keep these photos PG-13 at the very max. If you send us inappropriate content, we will not post the photo.

So hopefully this can be a fun way for us to help out local artists at the Jersey Shore. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

Ta ta for now.

Nicole S. Murray

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